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Welcome to TROPTIONS Television Network!

Comfy TV, in partnership with TROPTIONS Television Network, is proud to announce its presence on the Limex Broadcasting system, reaching audiences worldwide in over 20 languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Farsi, Romanian, Arabic, French, and more. With over 50 million installations worldwide by 2022 and services available in 43 countries, our network continues to grow rapidly.

Our programming lineup includes star-studded films, binge-worthy TV shows, and interactive content. We also offer trending programing, sports coverage and national celebrity news, all available on a revolving schedule, with programming airing seven days a week and reaching over 480 million households.

Our active channels include mindset mentor, featuring trending tv, music entertainment, and reality shows, while iScifi TV offers a mix of horror, imaginative, and futuristic concepts.

For our young viewers, we have Brady’s Favorites offering children’s programming that includes a mix of classics and new animations.

Don’t miss out on Movie Giants, and explore our partnership with Pavlov Media, the premier provider of Internet and video services for student housing nationwide, spanning over 44 states and 170 university communities.

Access our content through the MyTvGoTo App, available in 100 countries with 100 million monthly viewers. You can enjoy our network on various devices, including Android, iPhones, iPads, tablets, Smart TVs, set-top boxes, Roku, and more.

We are also available on Select TV, with 15 million subscribers, Whale Echo Distribution, reaching 150 million plus viewers, iDream TV, broadcasting in 57 countries with over 150 million viewers, and Awesome TV, the most-watched South Asian network from the USA.

Our family of TV channels, stations, and apps constitutes one of the largest distribution networks globally, ensuring that our content reaches audiences far and wide.

Comfy TV, TROPTIONS TV, iHolyfield TV, Winnie’s World TV, Movie Giants, iScifi TV, iShe TV, iCowboy TV, Doctor Diaries TV, Youth Success TV, Veterans Success TV, The Real Family TV, Airy Fitness and Health, APTV Live (distribution), and Franchise TV (Distribution) make up our dynamic network lineup.

This is just the beginning of our commitment to expanding our reach and providing top-quality programming to national and international viewers.

Additionally, we offer digital billboards in over 185,850 locations across the USA, along with 80,650 indoor digital signs. You can start promoting your message for as little as $600.00 per week, making it the easiest way to reach an entire city and connect with thousands of people daily.

As media consumption habits continue to evolve, we can help you create seamless advertising campaigns that combine TV, radio, billboards, online, social media, and mobile advertising through TROPTIONS Television Network. We look forward to serving your media needs and connecting you with your target audience.

Join us on the TROPTIONS Television Network, where entertainment meets innovation!

contact us at TROPTIONS2017@GMAIL.COM