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Getting The Message Out to The World for You!

TTN has the ability to market to diverse audiences around the world, and our expertise is our advantage!

Our shows are unique, entertaining, and educational, covering topics such as Metaverse, Crypto Currency, Gaming, NFT, Cannabis, Sports, Movies, and more, which puts you in front of millions of viewers.

We have a broad range of demographics, ranging from 8 to 45 years old, ensuring that our interactive programming will keep viewers engaged for longer periods of time.

With our extensive network system, we can reach over 480 million households worldwide, and our social media channels connect you to an additional 10 million people.

TTN Advertising has over 35 years of experience in production, marketing, creative, editing, and programming, placing you in the perfect spot at the ideal moment.

For as low as $ 600.00 per week, we can provide you with visibility on over 185,850 digital billboard locations outside and 80,650 indoor digital displays. Additionally, we offer digital mobile billboard trucks, which are ideal for any type of campaign or branding, and take your message straight to the crowd!

If you have an HLS Stream setup or are looking to get one started, we’d love to hear from you, as we strive to help you achieve it with stunning cost efficiency while maintaining video quality. Contact us at TROPTIONS2017@GMAIL.COM, and we’d be delighted to assist you!