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About TROPTIONS Television Network!

Blue Stone Distribution LLC is a media corporation that distributes programming to its channels as well as a variety of other Television, cable, and online channels. TROPTIONS Television Network is the dba of Blue Stone Distribution. Blue Stone Distribution partners with 24 networks, including Pavlov, ABTN, Airy. Tv, Comfy-Tv, as well as Roku, Idream, Youtube, SelectTV, and 42 stations in 144 countries, to bring content and programs to the world. With both the TROPTIONS App and the Airy. Tv App, our users may watch programming in their hands and remain up to date on all breaking TRENDS and other entertainment throughout the day. You can watch free television shows and movies online!

Blue Stone Distribution offers its audience a wide range of programming, including Crypto Currency programs, NFT Shows, Metaverse Shows, Gaming Shows, Sports, Augmented Reality Shows, Real Estate Investing education, and Interactive TV and movie programming, all of which are available for free!

Thanks to a robust technology offering, we can stream, analyze, and monetize any material within our platform. This simple and inexpensive approach might save you up to 50% over other streaming options. We hope you’re as excited as we are about the Blue Stone Distributions Media Platform! TROPTIONS Television Network is the largest of its kind in the world to bring the information people have been waiting for all in one place!

Cryptocurrency Payments NEW DATA:

46 million Consumers Say They Plan to Use Cryptocurrency to Make Purchases U.S. consumers see cryptocurrency as more than just a store of value:

46 million plan say they plan to use it to make payments for everything from financial services to groceries. In the Cryptocurrency Payments Report, PYMNTS surveys 8,008 cryptocurrency users and nonusers in the U.S. to examine how they plan to use crypto to make purchases, what crypto they plan to use — and how merchant acceptance can influence merchant choice and consumer spending.

84 percent: A portion of consumers who have never owned cryptocurrency

92 percent: Share of cryptocurrency nonowners who have heard about it but say a lack of knowledge is their main purchasing inhibitor

51 percent: A portion of cryptocurrency owners are more likely to buy from merchants that accept cryptocurrency.

With over 480 million households joining us as a viewer or business partners TODAY.

We’re Unfolding the Future!