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The Roman Gabriel Channel: Roman Gabriel football great talks with other football greats about faith and their lives today. See what’s happening with the great players of today and yesterday!

Average Daily Views:19,387

Strimm TV |Roman Gabriel Show

FANNIN N BANGIN with GanGrel: FANNIN the pro wrestler talks to the great wrestlers of today and yesterday it will keep you on the edge of your seat and it’s funny!

Average Daily Views: 18,683


My Jam Music tv

MY Jam Music Weekends: every Weekend starting Fridays at 8 p.m. till Sunday at 12 p.m it is Great for Tailgating, we jam all weekend long playing the hits of Country, House Mix, Rock, and Roll.

Average Daily Views: 46,348


Moonshine Country Rock tv

Trending Music channel, with new trending artists, music, and a whole lot more, weekly cash and crypto prizes!

Strimm TV |Country Rock Tv

Average Daily Views:

Heroes of The Ring Championship Wrestling Series: Only on TROPTIONS Television Network

Average Daily Views: 42,506-weekend Views: Saturday and Sunday

Strimm TV |Heroes of The Ring

Average Daily Views: 34,369

The TROPTIONS Television Network is thrilled to announce a new relationship with James Allen of New World Wrestling Xtreme, which will begin broadcasting on Saturday evenings on the TROPTIONS Television Network “Heroes of The Ring Championship Wrestling Series” starting NOW! Please visit our Facebook page for more details on other’s Wrestling companies joining us! Make sure you attend their upcoming events because you might end up on Global Television!

Strimm TV |NWWE Wrestling

Average Daily Views: 10,364

We are thrilled to welcome you to “The Heroes of The Ring Championship Wrestling Series.” Coming to TROPTIONS Television Network starting in July 2022.Welcome, Herb Simmons of “Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling. “SICW Professional Wrestling was formed in the late 1970s and has grown to become well-known throughout the Midwest over the last 35 years. Wrestling fans Disruptions are coming, get READY!


Average Daily Views:6,397

We are excited to welcome GWE “Global Wrestling Evolutions” from Panama City, Panama. Great Action Here this lineup just keeps getting better. Every Saturday Night! Heroes of The Ring Championship Wrestling Series”

Global Wrestling Evolution | Facebook

Strimm TV |GWE Wrestling

Average Daily Views:3,345

Welcome, Thunder Championship Wrestling Independent Professional Wrestling Promotion based in Central Florida. Click here to flow the Heroes so you can keep up with all of them.

Home (

Strimm TV |TC Wrestling

Average Daily Views:15,381

The Midget Wrestling Warriors are evolving!

2022 promises to be our most incredible year yet as we’ve scoured the globe to find the greatest international talent in the world and we’re bringing them to you!

The Midget Wrestling Warriors 2022 Evolution Tour promises to bring you more high-flying, edge-of-your-seat action than ever before!

Check out the video to the right for a sneak peek at what to expect on our 2022 Evolution Tour and be sure to come to see us when we visit your area!


Average Daily Views: 15,159

4Corner Territory Wrestling

Troptions Television Network will be that next BIG THING. They are SO far out in front of the entire game. Literally inventing the next generation of advertising, analytics, and distribution. What they’re doing I believe is going to quickly become the next big new tech breakthrough. Afterwhich will quickly become the next industry standard that everyone else in the world will be chasing. It’s like Skynet. Except real, and not evil.

Chango Bronson

Pres 4 Corners Territory

Strimm TV |4 Corner Wrestling

Average Daily Views: 13,978

We would like to welcome The Women of SHINE Wrestling to the Heroes of The Ring Championship series on the TROPTIONS Television Network!

Strimm TV |Shine Wrestling

(3) SHINE Wrestling | Facebook

Average Daily Views: 9,295


Learn how that mustard seed can move Mountains. Now 7 days a week on TROPTIONS Television Network! Hear T.D. Jake and Charles Stanley, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, John Hagee, and Billy Grahm, Paul White, and a whole lot more now 7 days a week.

Strimm TV |Soul Tap Ministries

Average Daily Views: 36,521

Pat Gwinn’s Coast to Coast and around the world!

Jordan’s channel! The funniest Bloopers on TV!

Strimm TV |Jordans Channel

Average Daily Views:13,695



Average Daily Views:18,636

Crypto Source!


Average Daily Views: 19,652

Metaverse World! Let us answer all your questions about the Metaverse!

Strimm TV |TROPTIONS Metaverse

Average Daily Views: 17,698

NFT Buy and Watch your money Grow!


Average Daily Views: 19,798

Gamers The Show! Let us show you what the Gamers are doing!

Strimm TV |TROPTIONS Gaming

Average Daily Views: 16,345

Augmented Reality! It’s not new but people haven’t figured out what it is.

Strimm TV |Augmented Reality tv

Average Daily Views:17,764

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