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TROPTIONS Television Network, a Trending Television Network bringing you all the new Trends!


TROPTIONS Television Network offers an extensive line-up of original programming with a variety of Trending content such as Talk Shows, Crypto shows, Gaming Shows, NFT shows, Metaverse shows Augmented Reality, Interactive Game Shows, Educational Programming, and Sports.

Average Daily Views:200,070


We’ve been quiet, we’ve hustled in silence, and all the while we continued to forge forward,…not because we wanted a destination, but because we believed in the journey.

Average Daily Views:9,895


The Barter Kings

The Barter Kings, the newest addition to the TROPTIONS Television Network lineup. In this exciting new show, viewers will witness the art of bartering at its finest. Follow our hosts as they navigate the world of trade, using their expertise to turn one man’s trash into another man’s treasure.

Average Daily Views:7,256

GivBux Channel

GivBux makes it simple to send and receive mobile payments and send gifts from over 150,000 merchant locations including stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Plus, you’ll earn rewards while using the app. We’re becoming the most popular digital wallet app and the largest giving community in North America.

Average Daily Views:5,369

The Ai Channel

Artificial intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind. Learn what this is all about and means!

Average Daily Views:4,369

Pickleball Tv

“Join the pickleball craze and tune into the all-new Pickle Ball TV Channel on TROPTIONS Television Network! Get your daily dose of pickleball with live matches, expert analysis, and insider access to the world’s top players. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Pickle Ball TV Channel has something for everyone. Don’t miss a minute of the action. Tune in to TROPTIONS Television Network today!

Average Daily Views:9,369

Dog Gone Finley

Dog Gone Finley, is my channel and my name is Finley the Blue Heeler, they say that I’m the closest thing to a wild animal without having a license. And they are right. My channel is for dogs by a dog I hope you enjoy all the fun stuff on my channel. Follow me on Instagram @ Finleytheblueheeler.

Average Daily Views: 6,986

Influencers Tv:

What does it mean to be an influencer?

An influencer is someone in your niche or industry with sway over your target audience. Influencers have specialized knowledge, authority, or insight into a specific subject. Their pre-existing presence in a niche makes them a useful launching pad for brands in search of credibility.

Learn how they do it now!

Average Daily Views: 3,784

TROPTIONS Automotive Group :

Cars and everything related to them, including innovative automobile concepts, education, and the latest in the automotive business. Car shows, Jay Leno, car showcases, hot rods, low riders, and so much more!

Average Daily Views: 8,159

The Roman Gabriel Channel:

Roman Gabriel football great talks with other football greats about faith and their lives today. See what’s happening with the great players of today and yesterday!

Average Daily Views:8,641


FANNIN the pro wrestler talks to the great wrestlers of today and yesterday it will keep you on the edge of your seat and it’s funny!

Average Daily Views: 5,879

My Jam Music tv:

MY Jam Music Tv it is Great for Tailgating, we jam 24/7 long playing the hits of Mashup, House Mix, and EDM, Club Mix.

Average Daily Views: 8,683

Moonshine Country Rock tv:

Moonshine Country Rock, Country music 24/7 best hits, and the biggest country singers.

Average Daily Views: 9,753


Learn all about Real Estate Investing and Investments.

The Real Estate Connections Tv

The Perfect Place for Real Estate Investors to learn how to make money in Real Estate

Average Daily Views: 5,987

Heroes of The Ring Championship Wrestling Series: Only on TROPTIONS Television Network

Average Daily Views: 9,256-weekend Views: Saturday and Sunday

Average Daily Views: 7,964

New World Wrestling Xtreme:

The TROPTIONS Television Network is thrilled to announce a new relationship with James Allen of New World Wrestling Xtreme, which will begin broadcasting on Saturday evenings on the TROPTIONS Television Network “Heroes of The Ring Championship Wrestling Series” starting NOW! Please visit our Facebook page for more details on other’s Wrestling companies joining us! Make sure you attend their upcoming events because you might end up on Global Television!

Average Daily Views: 6,714

Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling:

Welcome, Herb Simmons of “Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling. “SICW Professional Wrestling was formed in the late 1970s and has grown to become well-known throughout the Midwest over the last 35 years. Wrestling fans Disruptions are coming, get READY!

Average Daily Views:5,186

Global Wrestling Evolutions:

We are excited to welcome GWE “Global Wrestling Evolutions” from Panama City, Panama. Great Action Here this lineup just keeps getting better. Every Saturday Night! Heroes of The Ring Championship Wrestling Series”

Global Wrestling Evolution | Facebook

Average Daily Views:4,753

Thunder Championship Wrestling:

Welcome, Thunder Championship Wrestling Independent Professional Wrestling Promotion based in Central Florida. Click here to flow the Heroes so you can keep up with all of them.

Home (

Average Daily Views:6,951

The Midget Wrestling Warriors:

2022 promises to be our most incredible year yet as we’ve scoured the globe to find the greatest international talent in the world and we’re bringing them to you!

The Midget Wrestling Warriors 2022 Evolution Tour promises to bring you more high-flying, edge-of-your-seat action than ever before!

Average Daily Views: 1,369

4Corner Territory Wrestling

Troptions Television Network will be that next BIG THING. They are SO far out in front of the entire game. Literally inventing the next generation of advertising, analytics, and distribution. What they’re doing I believe is going to quickly become the next big new tech breakthrough. Afterwhich will quickly become the next industry standard that everyone else in the world will be chasing. It’s like Skynet. Except real, and not evil.

Chango Bronson

Pres 4 Corners Territory

Average Daily Views: 5,879

SHINE Wrestling:

We would like to welcome The Women of SHINE Wrestling to the Heroes of The Ring Championship series on the TROPTIONS Television Network!

(3) SHINE Wrestling | Facebook

Average Daily Views: 1,854

Old School Championship Wrestling:

Old School Pro Wrestling things you won’t see anywhere else.

Average Daily Views: 8,369


Soul Tap Ministry:

Learn how that mustard seed can move Mountains. Now 7 days a week on TROPTIONS Television Network! Hear T.D. Jake and Charles Stanley, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, John Hagee, Billy Grahm, Paul White, and a whole lot more now 7 days a week.

Average Daily Views: 9,761

Jordan’s channel:

The funniest Bloopers on TV:

Average Daily Views:7,763


Learn all about growing, selling, and building farms, what’s new and what’s not!

Average Daily Views:7,983

Crypto Source:

Learn everything you need to know about Crypto Currence, all the dos and don’ts.

Average Daily Views: 8,349

Metaverse World:

Enter the Metaverse world, and learn how to create one and how they work.

Average Daily Views: 3,184


NFTs who’s making money, how to create one and how do you sell them.

Average Daily Views: 4,973

Gamers The Show!

Everything you need to know about the Gaming industry.

Average Daily Views: 2,762

Augmented Reality:

Learn all about Augmented Reality, how it works, and its many uses.

Average Daily Views:2,864

More Sports, Movies, and a whole lot more!